Crime disparity to be the topic of Charlotte Violence Prevention Conference

Organizers in Charlotte, NC are planning a conference to examine why black males continue to be both the victims and perpetrators of violent crime. While the city has seen a drop in overall violent crime, the Charlotte Observer points out:
"The drop in killings and violence didn’t affect who’s most likely to wind up in emergency rooms and on undertakers’ tables as victims – black males. In 2011, blacks accounted for 58 percent of the city’s homicide victims."
Now, will the organizers and attendees to the conference confront the real reason for this unsettling truth? I have my doubts. Crime and negative social behavior are seldom confronted honestly. If a black person points out that the real problem is culture and not victimhood (society's fault), s/he is labeled a sellout or a race traitor. A white person, despite any level of expertise, just better stay out of it if they want to offer anything but validation of victimhood.

Meanwhile communities melt down, families collapse, too many children remain ignorant, poverty oppresses and lives are lost.