Congresswoman in a Shiny, Pink Cowboy Hat

First, there's Corrine "Go Gata" "Tim Tivo" Brown and now this joke, this character, this...embarrassment, Frederica Wilson, shows up in a shiny pink cowboy hat saying Trayvon Martin was "hunted like a rabid dog."

Watch this.

I just don't know. I really just don't know.

Come on, Florida. Come on.

Added Thought: Let me make it clear, again that I think George Zimmerman should face prosecution for something. He shot an unarmed person, a person whom he pursued and confronted, against the advice of authorities. He appears to be a police wannabe who created a situation where there was no need.

If someone confronted me in my neighborhood, demanding to know my identity and my purpose, I would beat the crap out of him, too. I would take advantage of my permit, if necessary.

What I do not appreciate is how some people are attaching themselves to this case like leeches. I do not appreciate the people who are attempting to use the death of this child for political purposes or personal publicity purposes.