Black Social Pathology

PLEASE READ and share Dr. Walter Williams' "Rising Black Social Pathology." Feel free to share my little rant as well.

I have been holding a similar piece for a while now. I knew I could not be the only person seeing and feeling this. I'm over it. Things are not getting any better. And before the excuse makers start up. I join with Dr. Williams in saying:
"The fact that black parents, teachers, politicians and civil rights organizations tolerate and make excuses for the despicable and destructive behavior of so many young blacks is a gross betrayal of the memory, struggle, sacrifice, sweat and blood of our ancestors. The sorry and tragic state of black education is not going to be turned around until there's a change in what's acceptable and unacceptable behavior by young people. That change has to come from within the black community."
I'm so glad Williams said it.

I have to add that the problem goes beyond schools/education and across the broader community. Don't blame someone for not opening a store in your neighborhood when the past 5 store owners have been repeatedly robbed. Don't blame restaurant owners, other than fast food, for not opening in your community. If they could make money, they would. Don't complain about the appearance of your community when you throw trash all over the street.

Read a little history and see how black people achieved great things, even in the face of slavery, murder, rape, and Jim Crow. Read Frederick Douglass if you can, a brilliant, self-taught former slave whose eloquence could not be understood today. Read W.E.B. Dubois and Carter G. Woodson. Listen to the articulate passion of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, etc.

Black people did not overcome by walking around grunting and calling it "talking black." They did not overcome by trying to see how rude and uncouth they could be. They did not overcome walking the streets, dressed like they just got out of bed.

Black people and black communities, today, are victims of a collapsing culture far more than racism.

Enough is enough.

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