Neal Boortz calls Chauncey DeVega a loyal slave, hunting down the runaway Herman Cain

Radio talk show host Neal Boortz came up with the analogy of the century (okay, the week) in describing "Chauncey DeVega's" vile attack on Herman Cain(calling him a minstrel and a monkey). Boortz says DeVega is acting as a loyal slave of the past, tracking down runaways like Cain for his white master, the Democrat Party. OUCH!!! Brilliant!

I've used a similar analogy in the past by saying that I have freed myself from the ideological and political plantation of liberalism. I know a lot of other black people have done the same. More are doing it every day. We are not owned by anyone. We are free to learn, think and live on our own.

I've never heard of this Chauncey character, who apparently uses a pseudonym because he lacks the courage to be held accountable for his hateful rhetoric. I wouldn't have wasted my time mentioning this until I heard Boortz talking about the attack on Cain.

I thought conservatives were mean-spirited. Why not just state why you disagree with someone rather than trying to destroy them? That would be too much like right.

I'm looking forward to this dust up. I'm up for this ideological battle.
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