Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America - One sad connection

Looking at Walletpop's list of the 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods, I noticed something that would be politically incorrect for some people to say. Since I don't care about being "pc" when the truth is more important, I'm saying it. Plus, I feel like I have a dog in this fight since the perceptions of this has a ripple effect that touches me in some way.

So what's the dirty painful truth? All of these neighborhoods, except 1 (Fort Worth Tx) have majority black populations. Visit the Census Bureau and enter the zip code. The tragic irony is that more than a few of these neighborhoods have a "Martin Luther King Dr./St." running through their core. This is beyond shameful.

SIDE NOTE: For the uberleft-wingnuts who think they have to be understanding and compassionate and for the mouthbreathing bigots, this has nothing to do with ethnicity or race. It's about culture, more specifically a modern mindset that embraces and celebrates ghetto culture. Black people of ages past wouldn't make excuses. They would be enraged.

For the rational, thinking, concerned people, this is something our society must address. The welfare state won't fix this. The welfare state is part of the cause of this condition. Dependence on the state and a lack of personal responsibility have led to a 70% illegitimacy rate. The welfare state has contributed to the development of a sick culture.

Rather than participating in Marxist rallies, the NAACP and other so-called civil rights organizations need to be working to address this issue. A lot of the "civil rights" activists don't really care about black people. They couldn't. If they did they would demand change.

Some simply don't want the patient to get well, because it would cost them power and money. These activists are more concerned about their own political power within the Democrat party, where their truest allegiance lies.

Shame also on religious organizations. The private jet and mansion "prosperity" preachers should also be ashamed. They have their reward now and will be held accountable for the misuse of their positions.

What's the answer?

Stop the excuses. Stop tolerating foolishness. Hold people accountable. Promote some standards of decency.