Chris Evert regrets adultery and divorce

Tennis legend Chris Evert says she regrets having an affair with golfer Greg Norman and leaving her husband and kids. Norman divorced Evert after only 15 months of marriage and has since gone on to be with another woman. Evert says she is shocked by Norman's actions. It shouldn't have taken that experience for her to regret her own actions.

I'm always amazed at how people who cheat with married people are shocked when that person cheats on them with someone else. Infidelity is often rooted in seflishness combined with a sense of entitlement. Evert seemed not to realize that those characteristics don't just go away, no matter how special you are (or think you are).

Lust and silly notions of excitement and romance cost Evert a lot. Unfortunately for her, Evert's husband has since remarried.

All of us should learn from the examples of these public figures and the examples that hit closer to home. It's just not worth it.