"Why are black women so rude?" Why are so many asking this question?

This post has become much more popular than I ever imagined. There is something to it since people from Lagos to London to Los Angeles are conducting Web searches on the topic.
My intention of writing this post was not to develop a sociological theory, nor was it to insult or provoke. I was, as I often do, thinking out loud. 
 Almost two years ago, it came about after a few experiences and a little reading. It started with my own Web search and my stumbling upon the following post on Yahoo! answers:
Rick Rude asks:
"Why are black women crazy and rude..For no reason?" 

"Okay, I'll start like this. I'm a decent Black male who loves black women, to death I might add. But something has gone terribly wrong in my eyes! Why do today's black women act like they have to be "She-Hulk" or something? and for no aparent reason? Check it out, I have had nothing but the worst relationships with black women. Either selfish, angry, or just too independent for you [I hate lil boosie for making that song]. and they will tell you, "I don't need you!" a million times, again, for no reason."
Rude says a lot more, but I decided to stop there. I did notice a few things that stood out:  "Either selfish, angry, or just too independent for you...and they will tell you, 'I don't need you!' a million times, again, for no reason."

I have heard these things far too often. I decided to Google the topic (Why are black women so crazy?) after dinner with a group of male friends. That is when I came across Rick's post. The similarities in what he writes and what I heard are disturbing.

The nice guys seem to be the ones trying the hardest, stressing the most and still catching hell. The dogs don't really care since they are in relationships for only one thing. This "bad boy" fascination seems to appear among women of all ethnic groups, at least in America. The attitude (BWA), though, has become popularized and the myth is becoming a horrible reality for too many.

No negative behavior is inherent in black women. There is nothing about being black that requires or causes a woman to act like a fool. As in so many other areas of or society, people are becoming more coarse. The belief that black women should be rude or have a negative attitude trends very closely with the spread of the twisted, evil ghetto culture. It is just as sick and just as destructive.

At some point someone needs to stop making excuses and deal with the issue. Are there any wiser older women out there instructing younger women (and men) how to behave, properly?

My philosophy and outlook on people is that each man and woman is an individual. Remember these 3 simple truths
  1. You behave as an individual. You cannot attribute any behavior to a genetic trait or your chromosomes.
  2. Those whom you encounter are individuals. You cannot attribute any individual's behavior to a genetic trait.
  3. Each individual should be treated by any other individual as just that, an individual.