Poverty isn't the cause of jihad

David McCoullough explores the president's suggestion that poverty is somehow the cause of jihadist activity. McCoullough sites Obama's resent statement that the Christmas day bomber traveled to Yemen, "a country grappling with crushing poverty." What does that have to do with anything?

I wrote about this poverty excuse right after the attack and pointed out that Umar was the son of a wealthy Nigerian banker.

The poverty-leads-to-jihad excuse is the replacement for "America is evil" excuse. We can't be evil now because we have the chosen one in office. So we have to find another primary excuse for jihadism. The poverty excuse falls in line with the president's other plans and policies foreign and domestic.

It all boils down to wealth redistribution and the dream of every liberal ending "disparities." Spend about 5 minutes with your average liberal person, particularly those entrenched in academia like Mr. Obama, and you'll hear the whole ending disparities nonsense a hundred times. So, now ending jihad is a new excuse to redistribute income. Put this together with his efforts to help poor nations deal with "climate change" and you soon see that the American taxpayer is in for a soaking.

Won't we all be happy with there is no income/wealth disparity in America or around the world, when we're all poor?