Does Obama have legal authority to change immigration

Even Lawrence O'Donnell knows Obama had no legal authority to change immigration laws. Democrats know it too, but they will not stand up for what is right or "to protect and defend the Constitution."

If Republicans only had the nerves (and brains) to stand up and fight. But they want the same outcome, since the US Chamber of Commerce donates big and wants more cheap labor.

Bucket list..Check

Angelmuse snapped this photo at the end of a sunset cruise down the Seine.


Chairman Maobama Comes Out

The American people have dared to reject Lord President Obama and his henchmen in the Democrat Party.  Now we all better prepare for a more honest and direct Obama. He seems appropriately dressed in his recent visit to China.


Voter ID, Voter Fraud and the Racism Game

Please read Thomas Sowell's "Voter Fraud and Voter I.D."  Professor Sowell exposes how Democrats use fraud to win elections and claims of racism to stop efforts to ensure votes are cast legitimately. He also touches on how Democrats manipulate simple-minded voters with fear tactics.


"You say I'm crazy,
'Cause you don't think I know what you've done.
But when I call you,
I know I'm not the only one." 
Sam Smith (modified to match reality)