Charity Pulls Racist Ad

Check out this story about Feed a Child's outrageous commercial.

This commercial was created by people who live in bubble (not uncommon in the PR/Marketing field). The whole episode reminds me of how many ideologically leftist "progressive" people view black people. Black people are not capable equals but helpless animals that need caretakers. Sadly, some black people and so-called black leaders accept this insulting treatment for personal gain.


Random Thoughts - on love

Don't miss out on the love that is being given to you by looking back at love that was never yours. 

Proximity is not a substitute for intimacy.

If you give your spouse the time and attention you give to your friends or your lover, things might be different in your marriage.

Marriage doesn't mean you stop seeing, but you stop looking.

True love turns obligations into pleasures.

Unrequited love is only surpassed in pain by betrayal. The two together are cruel and unusual.

We get to know people best when times are worst.


Culture Matters

Work, skills, saving. CULTURE MATTERS.

I miss Tony Brown.


Talking black - Another Thought

Just the other day, I heard some young black people talking and I could barely understand them. They were using dialect that one would probably expect in the age of American slavery rather than in our modern, diverse, technically-oriented society. There is no excuse for this nonsense.

Somewhere, someone told these young people that it is acceptable for them to barely be able to utter an intelligible sentence. The ghetto has its own dialect. Anyone with intentions of escaping the ghetto must learn to standard English.

Elites in media and politics make excuses for this nonsense. Some nod and wink and find humor in it. Only those who have escaped the consequences of ghetto behavior and speech have the luxury of making light of it. There is nothing "real" or authentically black about not being able to speak what is supposed to be ones native tongue.

For a historical perspective, again, I share this clip.

Look at the first two people who integrated schools in Arkansas. These were people who grew up in segregated Arkansas, yet no one who speaks English would have a problem understanding them. Also, toward the end, see the young black man (2:21) proclaim, very eloquently: "We are willing to be beaten for Democracy."

I keep thinking (desperately hoping) that the toxic ghetto mindset will disappear. It will not go away until the broader culture stands up and opposes it. I will do my part to combat the idiocy, by exposing it, challenging it, and telling the truth.


Racist Clippers Owner Helps Dispel Common Myths

The racist rants of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling should help dispel some common myths. Sterling told his then girlfriend to stop bringing "black people" to his games.
  1. Sterling is in L.A. so he can't be racist. The fact Sterling is in Los Angeles and not Birmingham will surprise the dense people who think racism is a geographically-induced pathology.
  2. Sterling's fling is not white(she's black and Mexican) so he can't be racist. Having sex with someone of a different race proves one isn't a bigot. This myth should have been long ago dispelled by American slavery. Black women were often raped by racist slave owners. These same slave owners would even sell their the children they conceived with these black women. Heck, even Senator Strom Thurmond had a black love child. Of course if a black man were to speak to a white woman that would be cause for violence. I don't understand that kind of pathology (but then again I do but I'll hold that for now).
  3. Sterling has mostly supported Democrats in the past(Gray Davis, Bill Bradley), and Democrats/Progressives/Statists cannot be racist. That's just dumb if anyone believes that.
I could go on, but I will leave it at that. This despicable character does not deserve any more of my attention.